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Imchatsung Imchen is a visionary artist/entrepreneur who seeks inspiration in music, fashion and design to express his distinctive art of storytelling.
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A Kathak Story

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Kathak: the word Kathak is derived from the word ‘Katha‘, meaning ‘the art of storytelling’. It is also synonymous with the community of artists known as the ‘Kathakas‘ whose hereditary profession was to narrate history though dance. With dance, music and mime these storytellers of ancient India would bring to life the tales of epics and the scriptures. 
Recently got an opportunity to design an angharkha set for Emran Thiara, an artist now based in London, who is featured in these stunning frames shot by fine-art photographer Ajay Koli. Since he essentially wanted something white for a kathak performance, I designed this 16 panel angharkha with printed indigo details, styled with a woven scarf developed in Nagaland. The design of the overall look was simple but it still retained the dynamic movement and fluidity, beautifully brought to life by the photographer.


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Kathak Dancer: Emran Thiara
Photographer: Ajay Koli 
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