imchatsung imchen | the beaded dress / a short film
Imchatsung Imchen is a visionary artist/entrepreneur who seeks inspiration in music, fashion and design to express his distinctive art of storytelling.
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the beaded dress / a short film

‘The Beaded Dress”
Directed by Imchatsung Imchen

About the garment:
Beads in red and transparent colour threaded by hand to various lengths. The strings were draped over a textile used as lining (woven in Nagaland). Cowrie used as epaulette and also on the back of the garment for detail (like drops) & also to hold the beaded strings. #TheBeadedDress

Documented by Imchatsung Imchen/Shishir Jha
Co-Edit: Devrath Joshi, Shishir Jha
Directed & Edited by Imchatsung Imchen


art direction, fashion design