imchatsung imchen | The Power To Forgive by Avinuo Kire
Imchatsung Imchen is a visionary artist/entrepreneur who seeks inspiration in music, fashion and design to express his distinctive art of storytelling.
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The Power To Forgive by Avinuo Kire



I recently bought this book online via Amazon India.
It’s titled ‘The Power To Forgive- and other stories’ by Avinuo Kire. Not much is written about the author but I was really happy to read the stories. The title story is about a Rape Survivor who wants to be set free from her past. As the book unfolds with other short stories, I felt it gets more interesting. The 7th story titled “Bayienuo”, which is about Forest Spirits would have to be my favorite.
Its interesting how the best writers on literature from Nagaland are all women. Avinuo is a fresh emerging voice.

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